Do you want more or less involvement? 
We can inform you every step of the way or as brief as you like.


Are there some parts of the project you would like to do yourself?
If you are capable and aid in the completion of the project, why not.


Do you live a fair distance from the project but want to know how it’s going? 
We can photograph every stage of the project and email you when ever it suits. Are any of your friends contractors who you’d like involved in the process? If they are BSA licensed with current insurances, why not.


Is the builder on site a majority of the time or is he sipping Lattés on Hasting St? 
We make an effort to be on site as much as possible to ensure our quality and safety standards are met on every project.


Is this company capable of this nature of project?
I, Joshuel, have been in both residential and commercial building projects since 1996. From building warehouses 300 x 100 mtrs wide, refurbishing shopping centres and office blocks to building timber decks in a retirement village.


Can I visit the site any time I like?
A simple phone call before hand to ensure safety and practicality will generally gain you access most times.


Who organizes plans and council lodgment/approvals?
We can organize draftsmen or Architects to develop plans and lodge with council.


Is it possible to get a full quote for a complete/overhaul renovation? 
Yes it is, we have the ability and know how to provide such a service. The other option is to complete the project on a cost plus bases which gives you, the owner, more freedom to design/construct and manage the project as you please. Care must be taken on this sort as budget blow outs can occur rapidly.


Why are renovations so expensive? 
If you consider that we first have to remove something and usually rectify inappropriate building standards before we even start the actual building addition. The added time and material factor becomes quite substantial and usually unseen when the final product comes to completion. Hence the question why and the tradies answer – “if only you were here a couple of days ago”.